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You may have seen this item about Ovide Lamontagne’s unsuccessful attempt to use his hunting prowess to win a U.S. Senate endorsement from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I actually think that Palin’s endorsement of Kelly Ayotte was the best thing to happen to the Lamontagne campaign during the entire primary contest. If Palin had endorsed Ovide last spring, that basically would have been the end of it. She still wouldn’t have spent any time in New Hampshire campaigning for him, for reasons I’ve discussed here previously.
Instead, the late-breaking national outrage among prominent movement conservatives over Palin’s mistaken endorsement of Ayotte earned Lamontagne tremendous last minute buzz on conservative talk radio and blogs, as well as some additional campaign cash. All of this helped build late momentum, which brought Ovide to the brink of upsetting Ayotte’s frontrunner bid for the nomination. I don’t think he would have gotten as close to winning without the increased attention to his anointed status as the true conservative in the race, attention which was generated at least in part by the controversy over Palin’s choice of Mama Grizzly Ayotte.
Note: Back posting on Friday. -Dean

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