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Continuing with the what will Ovide do next? theme of a few days ago, here is an interesting item from John DiStaso concerning Lamontagne’s new Granite Oath PAC, and the role it might play in the 2012 presidential primary. Despite his support of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the 2008 cycle, Ovide says his new political action committee won’t necessarily serve as a support vehicle for another Romney presidential bid, at least not until all of the other contenders have had a chance to make their case to the organization.
Given my earlier discussion of the possibility that Lamontagne will run for governor in 2012, it makes sense that he would want to cast as wide a presidential primary net as possible, if for no other reason than to avoid creating any hard feelings among state Republican Party elites by choosing sides early in the primary process. It is true that a close affiliation with a winning presidential campaign can pay big political dividends down the road. But if Lamontagne wants to further cultivate his newly-enhanced status as a state party eminence, he should be careful about expending the political capital generated by his U.S. Senate primary performance on any particular presidential candidate.
Note: Back posting on Tuesday. -Dean

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