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I have to agree with Gov. Sununu on this one. I’m referring here to his comments today to Ben Smith of that the 2012 presidential primary season is already well underway. I assume Sununu is reacting to an earlier article on the website suggesting that things are uncharacteristically quiet on the invisible primary front in places like New Hampshire, and that the GOP nomination contest won’t likely begin in earnest until later this spring. I had basically the same reaction when I first read the original piece last week.
Perhaps presidential exploratory committees will be officially formed a few months later than the typical January to February window in 2011, but as Sununu notes this may be due more to a changed fundraising environment than to any desire by potential candidates to delay consideration of a presidential bid.
If you follow politics closely in the Granite State, you already know that Republican hopefuls are visiting, doing book tours, set up PACs, sending in operatives to test the organizational waters, doing television sit-downs, calling radio shows, and sending their holiday best wishes to a variety of local elected officials and political elites. From what I’ve seen on the ground in recent months, the 2012 electoral cycle is indeed underway, even if Newt and Callista have yet to engage in their quadrennial conversation.

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