A Brief Retirement for Senator Gregg?
Ever since the Concord Monitor ran this editorial on retiring Senator Judd Gregg yesterday, I’ve received a flurry of calls from reporters about whether there are any legs to the “Gregg-for-President” scenario. The short answer is no. For better or worse, the political reality is that presidential campaigns are now the domain of movement politicians who can capture and hold the imagination of voters for the better part of two years. Mix in a hefty required dose of personal celebrity, and my guess is that Gregg would probably agree that his name doesn’t fit this particular bill. While I’m not sure just how much cheekiness I should read into the Monitor piece, I do think Gregg could fill the vice president as trusted advisor role for any number of potential Republican nominees, much in the tradition of Joe Biden or even Dick Cheney.
Finally, in response to the question of whether Gregg could be a New Hampshire Primary powerbroker in 2012, the answer is yes, maybe. Given the almost obligatory outsider patina of your typical presidential campaign, candidate affiliation with a veteran legislative insider can bring mixed results. I’m reminded of former Republican Congressman Bill Zeliff, who ushered Sen. Bob Dole around the Granite State in 1996, and served as a frequent surrogate for him in the national media. Even that close affiliation didn’t help Dole beat Pat Buchanan in the New Hampshire Primary that year. I’m sure Gregg knows there are risks and rewards to choosing sides, and will judiciously use his political clout accordingly.


Posted On: 01-06-2011 10:04:14 by Jim Splaine
I said (on BlueHampshire.com) that Judd Gregg could be a very viable candidate for President almost two years ago, when he was being "considered" as Commerce Secretary. He's got the wide experience and titles that any Presidential nominee would like in his (or her) running mate. Ummmm. And because he was named by President Obama to be on his cabinet, he's got a long list of nice and positive Democratic quotes saved up. Does he want it? -- if so, he'd be right up there.

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