Crowning Glory
As I chat with other political observers around the state about the slowly evolving Republican presidential field, it has become increasingly clear to me that we all share a common wish for the 2012 primary cycle: a Donald Trump candidacy.  At a time when tea party-infused rhetoric on the right has become both familiar and predictable, it is precisely Trump’s unpredictability that makes one yearn for his entrance into the race. Trump just sounds different – not only due to his authentic New York accent, but because of how he talks about politics, in general. It is perhaps the best opportunity for the Republican presidential primaries to avoid the standard I’m the true conservative discourse we get every four years.
I don't think Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2012, but as I noted in a post back in October of last year, he sure could shake things up a bit. Along these lines, just last week Trump held out the potential for a June surprise announcement. Given that his Miss USA pageant (co-owned with NBC) is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas in June, Trump the entrepreneur no doubt realizes that the opportunities for cross-promotion with a presidential announcement are virtually limitless.
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Posted On: 03-11-2011 11:26:22 by Jim Splaine
He "fired" David Cassidy last week, so he's off my list! Seriously, we all remember the Ross Parot fever back in 1992 and 1996. Then there was a rich guy named Forbes, and another rich guy named Benson who pondered becoming President someday. As voters we sometimes look for someone who seems "successful," even if that success came at the expense of others. And some rich folk who feel a tinge of guilt about the way they collected all their wealth are considering their own mortality and would sure like portraits up on walls of State Houses or the White House.

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