Early Bird Special
I hope Texas Congressman Ron Paul is retiring from his 14th district seat only because, well, he is 75 years old and has had a long and distinguished career, and not because he thinks that doing so in order to focus all of his energy on winning the presidency will make a difference in his chances of earning the Republican nomination. The latter was the rationale that Paul gave in posting his retirement announcement on Facebook yesterday, and I am sorry to say that it won’t make a difference in the outcome of the presidential race.
Sacrificing the relative security of one’s own political incumbency, in order to demonstrate an extra special commitment to seeking the presidency is a time-honored tradition in our electoral system, kind of like walking a tightrope without a net below to catch you. Unfortunately, candidates often resort to this artifice when they are looking to inject a little energy into an otherwise flagging campaign, and thus it can sometimes smack of political desperation. In Congressman Paul’s case, however, I don’t view it as a desperate maneuver, but as more in keeping with the generally quixotic nature of his ongoing quest for the presidency. I have no doubt that Paul will continue to be a singular voice in this campaign cycle. I just hope he can enjoy his retirement, as well.

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